The sustainable power for a green future – an environmentally friendly fuel that is obtained from renewable resources and thus significantly reduces emissions. Our biodiesel is made from various sources, including rapeseed methyl ester, which is produced from the esterification of rapeseed oil, and UCOME (Used Cooking Oil Methyl Ester), which is derived from recycled cooking oil.

up to 93 %

CO² savings

over 6000

Tank storage capacity

over 100000t


Our products

Rapeseed methyl ester

Freight forwarders and other frequent tankers rely on this high-quality biodiesel, which is obtained from first-class, native rapeseed oil.

The increased oxygen content optimizes the combustion process and leads to significantly reduced soot formation, which minimizes deposits inside the engine. In contrast to conventional diesel, biodiesel has a high inherent lubricity due to its unique chemical structure and oxygen content, which reduces wear in the injection pump and engine.

Biodiesel can be mixed with normal diesel in any ratio without any problems. If you have filled up with biodiesel and need to refuel en route, you can also use normal diesel if necessary.

Ultimately, it is also cheaper than fossil diesel.

Used Cooking Oil Methyl Ester

We primarily supply refineries with biodiesel produced from used fats. This biodiesel reduces greenhouse gas emissions even more than rapeseed methyl ester compared to the combustion of fossil diesel. In order to achieve the goal of lowering emissions in transportation, biodiesel is blended with diesel of fossil origin in refineries throughout Europe.

Biodiesel thus not only helps to slow down climate change and comply with EU directives, but also to fulfill the obligations of the Kyoto Protocol without the purchase of emission certificates (Austria 2008 – 2012: more than 600 million euros!).

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